What is Island Music? What’s this Art Project?: A Primer

What is Island Music?

Island Music is a summer musical and artistic production put on by local Corvallis creative duo The Barker Gypsies. Singer Catherine Ellis and pianist Brian Poucher play for the enjoyment of river floaters and park visitors on the Willamette River just south of Corvallis, Oregon. The Barker Gypsies play everything from rock and country, to folk and classical with both originals and covers.  They are also conducting an ongoing art project.

What’s this art project?

A People’s Map of Corvallis: Of the people, for the people, by the people

We are creating an interactive digital map of Corvallis — think google maps, but covered with location “pins” that are residents’ drawings, videos, photos, and audio media — and the map itself a stitched quilt of the images people contribute.

We invite you to contribute artwork to the project. For example, you could scan or photograph a drawing you and your family made representing your home and insert it into the online public map, then upload a video or audio file of something you want to share as a pin. Or you could draw your favorite park, an image of something that connects you to it — a memory, an important event, your impression of the place.

The possibilities are endless — you could record your grandparent speaking about their marriage proposal on top of Bald Hill or draw a picture of a memorable meal at your favorite restaurant. And how “good” of an artist you think you are doesn’t matter. The point is that you made it and that you want it to be shared. Feel free to sign your name to your contribution, or not!

Here are some examples from last year:


Riverfront Fountains


Bald Hill


Go Beavs!








Courthouse Anti-war Protestors

Your contribution will be uploaded as a location pin to a digital googlemap of Corvallis — we are currently working on getting a functional digital map, as well as a mobile-friendly app that allows users to upload photos, videos, or audio and place them on the digital map themselves. Our ambition is for users to be able to upload portions of the map itself in addition to pins.

For now, feel free to e-mail TheBarkerGypsies@gmail.com with images or files you want uploaded. Just include a location so we know where to pin it!

Ready to be a pioneer cartographer of Corvallis’s collective imagination?